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What is the .UPD file type?

A short for 'update,' the .upd extension is most commonly used as a generic label for various data files created, downloaded, or otherwise involved in the process of updating computer software. The .upd suffix does not designate any particular file format, but points out instead to a file's relation to software updating.

An update file (.upd) may be a binary firmware update package, an anti-virus signature update module, or other data archive, as well as a text-based control file governing the update process itself. Such update files may use a variety of different formats and, as a rule, are not meant to be directly manipulated by the user, apart from giving their location to an update utility. Any single update package or control file (.upd) can be used only with the software or device it is intended for.

Corel VideoStudio, a commercial video editor from Corel Corp. which descends from the earlier Ulead VideoStudio, uses the .upd extension in association with the Ulead Private Data (.upd) file type and format. The .upd file is a temporary file automatically generated by Corel VideoStudio in the same directory for each output video file produced. It contains reference to the video file along with some service tags and metadata. Such UPD files are generally safe to delete, once the video production is complete.

With reference to IBM Rational Software Modeler, a discontinued UML modeling tool from IBM replaced by IBM Rational Software Architect, the .upd extension denotes the IBM Rational License Update Document (.upd) file type/format. Here, the .upd file represents a floating license key file that can be used to active a copy of IBM Rational Software Modeler through the FlexLM License Server.

Software to open or convert UPD files

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