VSX File Extension

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What is the .VSX file type?

The .vsx filename extension belongs to the Microsoft Visio XML Stencil (.vsx) file type and format used in previous versions of Microsoft Visio, a commercial flowchart diagram authoring application by Microsoft. A stencil is a ready-made vector shape that can be used in Microsoft Visio drawings, similar to clip art.

The .vsx file is an XML document in which a set of complex vector shapes (stencils) is defined in Microsoft's proprietary XML format. This XML stencil format (.vsx) was used in Microsoft Visio 2003 through 2010, while in older releases of Microsoft Visio stencils were saved in a different, binary format (.vss). Microsoft Visio 2003 through 2010 each included a large collection of XML stencils (.vsx) copyrighted by Microsoft.

In Microsoft Visio 2013, stencils are saved in the new-generation OPC XML format (.vssx), while the older stencil formats (.vss, .vsx) are no longer supported. Despite the fact, such legacy stencil files can still be imported in a number of other business modeling and chart drawing applications, and there still are sources of both free and commercial stencils in the legacy XML format (.vsx) on the Internet.

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