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What is the .VPA file type?

The primary association of the .vpa extension belongs to the Vensim Published Application (VPA) file type and format. VPA is one of the formats used to publish simulation models with Vensim, a comprehensive industry-level platform for simulation of all kinds of dynamic processes. Vensim is commercial software developed by Ventana Systems for MS Windows.

Vensim allows several ways to export simulation models, including publishing it as a packaged application (.vpa). So, a VPA file is in fact a binary file that contains Vensim model resources along with an embedded engine to actually present and run the model.

The VPA model format is meant for publishing and not suited for editing. Vensim published models (incl. VPA) can be opened with the free Vensim Model Reader application.

Along the presentational line, the .vpa extension can be alternatively associated with the Ventuz Project Archive (VPA) file type and format. Ventuz is a common name for a set of high-end broadcast presentation development and runtime software and hardware solutions by Ventuz Technology Group. The Ventuz software uses VPA for archiving purposes, with a .vpa file being a ZIP archive containing full directory structure of a Ventuz project with optional preview image files at the archive's root.

On a computer-assisted music stage, the .vpa extension is tied up with the Amplitube Plugin (VPA) file type and format. Amplitube is a commercial DSP software by IK Multimedia that emulates a guitar amp and allows to build arbitrary mixes of sound modes and effects. Amplitube uses binary VPA files as core executable resources of Amplitube plugin modules.

In connection with the cult Vim Unix/Linux text editing environment, the .vpa extension is assigned to Vimpoint presentation advance files (.vpa). Each of such files represents a single advance (slide or frame) in a series of frames that constitute a Vimpoint presentation. Vimpoint .vpa files are all plaintext and have a particular syntax.

Besides, the .vpa extension can be occasionally associated with the legacy Chat Gesture (.vpa) file type registered and used by such Windows Internet chat clients as VPChat, Excite Super Chat etc. A .vpa chat gesture file is a binary file that contains a simple animation with sound. Such gesture animations would be displayed in a chat bubble as a supplement to or replacement of conventional emoticons.

Software to open or convert VPA files

You can open VPA files with the following programs:
ArchiCrypt Ultimate RAM-Disk
ArchiCrypt Ultimate RAM-Disk by Softwareentwicklung Patric Remus - ArchiCrypt
Ventuz by Ventuz Technology
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN

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