WEBP File Extension

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What is the .WEBP file type?

WebP is the file extension for a new image format developed by Google. WebP was specifically designed for efficient display and delivery of images on the web. WebP images provide support for alpha channel, ICC profiles, animation, XMP metadata, and other options.

The WebP format offers nearly the same image quality as JPG but at a much smaller file size. According to Google's statistics, images with the .webp suffix are 25-34% smaller and therefore have lower bandwidth and disc space requirements.

WebP supports both lossy and lossless compression. The lossy variant uses a prediction technique in which values in a block of pixels are predicted from values in the neighboring blocks. The lossless variant reconstructs pixels using information from image fragments that have already been analyzed.

The main disadvantage of the new image format is its incompatibility with most common web browsers and digital photo viewers. You may need to install additional add-ons or JavaScript libraries on your machine to display .webp images properly.

Software to open or convert WEBP files

You can open WEBP files with the following programs:
IrfanView by Irfan Skiljan
PicosmosTools by Free Time
Maxthon Cloud Browser
Maxthon Cloud Browser by Maxthon International Limited
UC Browser
UC Browser by UCWeb Inc.

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