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What is the .VPL file type?

The .vpl filename extension has its primary association with the vanBasco's Karaoke Player Playlist (.vpl) file type. vanBasco's Karaoke Player is a legacy freeware karaoke player for Microsoft Windows that supports playback of MIDI files incorporating lyrics (.kar). A .vpl file is a text-based playlist created in vanBasco's Karaoke Player. It uses a CSV-like structure of records, using semicolon as delimiter. VPL playlists can be directly opened with any text editor or imported into a spreadsheet application.

Additionally, the .vpl extension has an association with the Avaya Voice Message (VPL) file type and format. Avaya is a major provider of PBX (Private Branch Exchange) communication solutions, and VPL is the default proprietary file format for voice messages recorded/received on an Avaya system. VPL voice messages can be played with the Avaya Voice Player (AVP) tool.

A commercial CAM (Computer-Assisted Manufacturing) tool by Autodesk, Autodesk Fabrication uses the .vpl extension in association with the Post Processor Library (VPL) file type/format. A .vpl file represents a storage for the library of post-processing machine controllers set up with a given Autodesk Fabrication installation. By default, VPL files are located in the "C:\CAM" directory.

Besides, the .vpl extension is also used to denote virtual property list (.vpl) files in the TeX/LaTeX typesetting environments. A .vpl file is a text-based file that contains description of a virtual font's metrics and is used as a source to generate virtual fonts (.vf), using the "vptovf" CLI tool.

Apart from that, the .vpl extension is also associated with the Fortinet VPN Policy File (.vpl) file type. A .vpl file is a definition of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel intended to be used with the Fortinet network security software (FortiClient VPN, FortiClient Endpoint Security). Beside .vpl policy files, .vpz (VPN policy package) files that embed all necessary tunnel certificates are also used with the Fortinet software.

The .vpl extension also occurs in relation to Nokia firmware update/restore description files (.vpl). Such a .vpl file (e.g., "RM821_059S6R5_3047.0000.1326.2002_068.vpl" for Nokia Lumia) contains control information as to which firmware files (.dcp, .bin, and others) are to be used for a specific Nokia device.

With reference to Madagascar, an open/free data processing and LaTeX-based document building framework for Unix-style OS'es, the .vpl suffix serves to distinguish VPLOT image files (.vpl). VPLOT is a vector-based software plotting system, and a .vpl file is a binary representation of a plotted image. To be rendered on-screen, a .vpl file must be processed by one of the VPLOT 'pens' (rendering engines). VPL files can be converted into many other formats, using Madagascar's "vpconvert" tool.

Lastly, the .vpl extension also occurs in association with the SMART Video Player Playlist (VPL) file type used with SMART Video Player, an supplementary tool within the SMART Notebook interactive software for educational establishments by SMART Technologies. A .vpl file is a list of several video files that can be played in sequence on an interactive classroom whiteboard. VPL playlists are organized from within SMART Video Player.

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