MXPL File Extension

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What is the .MXPL file type?

The .mxpl filename extension represents the MAGIX Playlist (.mxpl) file type and format used with MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX, a commercial all-in-one music organizer, converter, and player from MAGIX Software GmbH. MXPL is MAGIX's own XML-based playlist format, similar to XSPF.

The .mxpl file is a MAGIX playlist. It is a Unicode (UTF-16) XML file providing detailed information (name, location, ID3 tags, etc.) about each track included in the playlist. MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX saves its playlists in the "%UserProfile%\Music\Playlists" folder and registers its own association for the .mxpl file type. The software additionally allows to export its MXPL playlists to other formats such as .m3u and .xspf. Since .mxpl files are just lists of files, they do not contain any live multimedia data.

Besides MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX, .mxpl playlists can also be opened in other MAGIX software such as MAGIX Video Pro and are recognized by a third-party multimedia player named Mufin Player (discontinued). Apart from that, any .mxpl file can be directly viewed as XML in a Unicode-friendly text editor.

Software to open or convert MXPL files

You can open MXPL files with the following programs:
mufin player
mufin player by mufin GmbH
MAGIX MP3 deluxe
MAGIX MP3 deluxe by MAGIX Software GmbH
MP3 deluxe 19 Update
MP3 deluxe 19 Update by MAGIX Software GmbH
MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX
MP3 deluxe MX Update

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