MANIFEST File Extension

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What is the .MANIFEST file type?

The .manifest extension is primarily linked to the Microsoft (MS) Windows Assembly (Application) Manifest file type used in connection with such MS technologies for configuring software as ClickOnce and CLR (Common Language Runtime).

The purpose of a manifest file is to declare which common controls an application has to use, what runtime and/or file access permissions it will have etc. Manifests are often used to unify the use of GUI (Graphical User Interface) controls among newer and older Windows applications, especially to make older ones use uniform system-wide controls (the 'look' concept).

A .manifest file is a plaintext file containing an XML definition of an application's profile. While a manifest can be opened and edited with a text editor, any erroneous changes may adversely affect operation of the linked application.

In HTML5, the .manifest filename extension is assigned to plaintext Application Cache Manifest (ACM) files used to store paths to and local caching of all resources used by a web application, allowing offline operation.

However, to avoid a conflict with the MS Windows Assembly Manifest file type, it was suggested that web developers use the .appcache extension instead.

Aside from the above, the .manifest extension is also used by Steam, a commercial content delivery online service (mainly, video gaming), in their Content Manifest Files (CMF). CMF are part of the Steam's content management system and are used to keep track of purchased and downloaded software items.

Software to open or convert MANIFEST files

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