DBK File Extension

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What is the .DBK file type?

The .dbk filename extension is primarily associated with Sony Ericsson (SE) mobile phones and is assigned to SE phone backup files. SE offers a free tool for users of SE phones (e.g., PC Suite) to enable them connect their phones to a computer for content copying, synchronization and backup purposes.

A SE .dbk backup file is a ZIP archive containing all phone data files (contacts, images, ringtones, audio and video clips etc.) selected by the user for backup. DBK backup files are used as restore points as they can be used to restore a phone with corrupted or lost data to its previous state. Backup and restore operations are normally done from within the above-mentioned SE software tool.

Being a ZIP archive, any .dbk file can be opened with any archive manager and any part of its contents can be accessed, extracted and viewed individually.Third-party utilities are available that enable arbitrary extraction and conversion of any data within a .dbk backup archive.

Along the backup line, the .dbk extension is also appended to database backup files automatically created by dBase IV, an established RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). A .dbk backup of the main .dbf database file would be created automatically for data safety at launch.

Alternatively, the .dbk extension is used to identify schematic backup files in OrCAD, a commercial CAD (Computer-Aided Design) tool by Cadence Design Systems, Inc. A .dbk backup file is a copy of the previous editing state of a .dsn schematic file.

Software to open or convert DBK files

You can open DBK files with the following programs:
phoneMiner by Amrak Software
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH
MYOB JustInvoices
MYOB JustInvoices by MYOB Limited

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