XNK File Extension

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What is the .XNK file type?

The filename extension .xnk belongs to the Exchange Shortcut (.xnk) file type/format associated with Microsoft Outlook, the messaging component of the Microsoft Office suite, and the Microsoft Exchange data server technology by Microsoft. Deprecated since Microsoft Outlook 2007, the Exchange shortcut (.xnk) mechanism was used in Microsoft Office 2003 and earlier to provide a means of quick access to frequently used Microsoft Exchange resources such as public folders.

Exchange shortcuts were saved as .xnk files. Such an .xnk file is a small binary file that contains no user data and acts as a pointer only, intended to be used with Microsoft Outlook. When opened, the .xnk shortcut would redirect Microsoft Outlook to its Exchange resource. In Microsoft Outlook 2007 and later versions, the .xnk file type is no longer associated with Microsoft Outlook by default, and access to .xnk files is denied for security reasons. However, this association can be re-established manually (also, via certain registry modifications) to enable opening .xnk files and set Microsoft Outlook as the default application for this file type.


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