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What is the .AWB file type?

Primarily, the .awb extension is associated with the AMR-WB Audio File (AWB) file format and type. Standing for Adaptive Multi-Rate – Wideband, AMR-WB was developed by 3GPP as an advancement over the earlier AMR codec, providing better quality thanks to the doubled bandwidth (up to 7 kHz). Aimed at efficient encoding of human speech by design, AMR-WB is used in all kinds of digital voice telephony, voicemail, ringtones, multimedia streaming, audio recording and playback, etc.

An .awb file is an audio recording encoded with the AMR-WB codec and stored in the RFC 3267 file format (.awb). Since the AMR-WB codec is supported by the vast majority of mobile devices by Nokia and other brands, AWB has become a popular audio book format (.awb). AWB files are often referred to as 'Nokia audio books.'

AWB files are natively supported by Nokia software (Nokia PC Suite, Nokia Ovi). There are a number of third-party tools that can read and convert .awb audio files into other formats like .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, .wma. Besides, several general-purpose multimedia players support direct playback of AWB files, too. With some mobile devices, it may be necessary to change the extension to .amr to make an .awb file playable.

Apart from that, the .awb extension is used with compressed and/or encrypted game speech and music files in a range of Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) games. Such .awb files use variations of the CPK (HCA) file format and are not meant for direct manipulation by users.

Software to open or convert AWB files

You can open AWB files with the following programs:
Total Video Converter
Total Video Converter by EffectMatrix Inc.
AVS Media Player
AVS Media Player by Online Media Technologies Ltd.

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