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What is the .LVF file type?

The main association of the .lvf extension belongs to the Logitech Video Effect File (LVF) file format and type. Logitech is a well-known producer of various computer peripheral devices, including web and surveillance cameras.

Each compatible Logitech camera is bundled with proprietary Logitech software that allows to apply various video effects to the video stream captured by the camera, mainly for entertainment purposes. While the image transformation engine is part of the software, video effects themselves are stored as .lva (animated avatars) and .lvf (overlay video effects) files.

LVF files use a binary format closely based on Microsoft's CAB format, and any .lvf file is a compressed CAB-like archive with images, DLL's, and control XML files. A selection of .lvf files available for download from Logitech's web site.

Differently, the .lvf extension is also used in relation to certain Asian-made DVR (Digital Video Recorder) systems to denote digital video files produced by them. Following the common trend in the DVR (CCTV) market, such .lvf video files are saved, using a private container format closely based upon the standard AVC/H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) format.

Normally, .lvf video files can be directly played only with proprietary player utilities bundled with the DVR device, and cannot be played by most media players, unless certain ffdshow codecs are installed and external decoders enabled. However, there are tools (e.g., Lvf2Avi) to convert .lvf video files into standard .avi containers.

Software to open or convert LVF files

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