Opening SCS files

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What is the .SCS file type?

The primary association of the .scs filename extension is tied up with the Prism3D Game Data Archive (SCS) file format/type. Prism3D is a 3D game engine developed by SCS Software and used in many SCS and third-party games. SCS game titles are mainly represented by the truck simulator series (18 Wheels of Steel, Euro Truck Simulator, etc.), and the hunting series (Deer Drive, etc.).

SCS is a ZIP-based container format for storing various game resources, and an .scs file is a ZIP archive, usually saved without compression (the 'store' method). SCS files are often modified ('modded') in order to change the default game behavior, or add custom content. In many SCS games, the main resource package is the "base.scs" file in the game's installation directory under "Program Files."

Alternatively, the .scs extension comes in association with the SimCity Societies Saved Game (SCS) file type/format. One of the popular SimCity family, SimCity Societies is a commercial city simulation game for MS Windows, published by Electronic Arts (EA) in 2007. SimCity Societies uses .scs files to store saved game states.

An .scs file contains all data, describing the current state of progress of the city simulation. SCS files are saved together with two .tga files that represent mini-map snapshots in the TGA bitmap format.

With reference to ArcGIS, a well-known and widely-used family of GIS (Geographical Information System) software products by Esri, the .scs extension denotes the ArcGIS Spot Color Set (.scs) file type/format. A spot color set file (.scs) contains color information for each component of the CMYK color model. Such .scs files are used/created for color-management purposes during export of ArcGIS cartographic data into the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format.

Apart from that, the .scs extension can also be encountered in association with the Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulation Netlist (.scs) file type/format. Virtuoso Spectre is a sophisticated integrated-circuit simulation software environment by Cadence Design Systems that uses .scs files as circuit netlists. An .scs netlist is a text-based (ASCII) file with a full listing of components and their respective interconnections, making up a circuit. SCS netlists can be opened with a text editor and imported into other circuit-simulation applications.

Lastly, the .scs extension is also used by AQtime, a versatile application profiling tool by SmartBear Software, to denote its TestComplete C♯Script profiling scripts. Such an .scs script is a text-based file with the source code of a program (script) in the C♯Script scripting language.

Software to open or convert SCS files

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