Opening DMO files

Have a problem opening a .DMO file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what DMO files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .DMO file type?

The .dmo extension is mainly associated with the Movienizer Database (DMO) file type and assigned to Movienizer database files. Movienizer is a commercial movie organizer software for home users by Movienizer organizes movie information obtained from several sources (incl. IMDb) in an SQLite database.

A .dmo file is an unencrypted SQLite database file created and used by Movienizer to store all movie information (detailed synopses, cast and crew, awards, etc.). Such information can be sorted/searched/cross-referenced by genre, actors, year of release, language, video/audio track type, search keywords, viewing status, and so on. To limit access, a .dmo file can be password-protected without encrypting its contents.

A sample .dmo database ('tes[*].dmo') is provided with Movienizer and automatically saved at the "..\My Documents\Movienizer" folder within the user's home directory. There can be several DMO databases with different data sets as well as backup copies.

Movienizer associates itself with the DMO file type by default.

In video games and animation, the .dmo extension stands for 'Demo' (a demonstration) and can be assigned to various video and other files created for demonstration purposes. Such .dmo files may have different formats and types of content and can be opened with the same software that was used to create them.

Software to open or convert DMO files

You can open DMO files with the following programs:
Movienizer by
Miro by Participatory Culture Foundation
dBASE Plus
dBASE Plus by dBase, LLC

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