CED File Extension

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What is the .CED file type?

Most commonly, the .ced filename extension is related to management information files created by certain JVC AVCHD camcorder devices (mainly, SD-based). AVCHD is a patented codec and file structure standard for recording and storing High-Definition (HD) video. Largely based upon BluRay (BD), AVCHD is widely implemented in digital camcorder devices of different makes, incl. JVC.

While recording video, SD-based JVC AVCHD camcorders automatically write a number of management information files (such as .ced) into the "PRIVATE/JVC" directory. Camcorders use such files to manage the actual video clips (.mts) located in the "AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM" directory.

CED files are not media files, they are only service data files intended for the camera's use. CED files do not not contain any video and cannot be converted into any video format.

Often, the presence of .ced files with the absence of any .mts video clips is symptomatic of a corrupted SD-card filesystem, in which case the camcorder refuses to write video (.mts). A new SD card should always be formatted with the camcorder prior to use, to ensure its filesystem is correct.

Software to open or convert CED files

You can open CED files with the following programs: 

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