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What is the .ENQ file type?

Possibly derived from 'EndNote Query,' the .enq filename extension denotes the EndNote Saved Search (.enq) file type, with reference to the EndNote bibliographic referencing and research software commercially developed by Clarivate Analytics (a part of Thomson Reuters, formerly known as IP & Science). EndNote provides a large list of connections to online scientific databases, features powerful search and citation tools, and in particular allows to save search conditions locally.

The .enq file is such an EndNote saved search. Saved in the "%UserProfile%\AppData\EndNote\Searches" folder by default, each of these .enq files stores a set of search settings, including the search terms, for a later use. The original connection is, however, not saved and must be selected anew when the .enq file is opened again. The .enq files use a proprietary binary format and cannot be opened outside EndNote. Since the .enq file type is pre-associated with EndNote at the time of its installation, saved searches (.enq) can be opened with a double-click, causing the Search tab in EndNote to update with the search options saved in the file.


Software to open or convert ENQ files

You can open ENQ files with the following programs:
EndNote X7
EndNote X7 by Thomson Reuters
EndNote X8
EndNote X8 by Thomson Reuters
EndNote X5
EndNote X5 by Thomson Reuters
EndNote X6
EndNote X6 by Thomson Reuters
EndNote X4
EndNote X4 by Thomson Reuters

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