ENV File Extension

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What is the .ENV file type?

Standing for 'Environment,' the .env extension mainly represents the generic Environment Configuration File (.env) file type. Environment is a complete set of global and local variables, their values, and other settings that affects the runtime environment of specific instance of a computer program. Through environment variables, one can control many aspects of how a program/application functions.

A typical .env file is a text-based list of environment variables that are assigned certain values. ENV files can be used by many different applications and may follow different syntax rules. As a rule, environment variables set in an application's .env file override any matching global variables set on the OS level. ENV files are widely used in programming environments, DBMS, user-level applications, and application installers.

Besides, the .env extension associates with the AI Ready Envelope (.env) file type and format, referring to the standard residential real-estate appraisal report format AI Ready developed by FNC, Inc. AI Ready is used throughout the AppraisalPort system by all real-estate agents connected to the system.

The AI Ready format requires all data to be packaged into a single container file, an envelope (.env), with strict rules as to what can and cannot be included in an AI Ready-compliant report. ENV files contain only report data and can be automatically generated by a range of real-estate appraisal software. To open and view such an appraisal report (.env), a client must use an AI Ready-compatible viewer.

Additionally, the .env extension has an association with the Broderbund Envelope Project (.env) file type/format, with reference to several earlier versions of the Print Shop and PrintMaster applications by Broderbund LLC. An .env file is a Print Shop or PrintMaster project for designing and printing envelopes saved in a proprietary format. ENV envelope projects can be opened/imported in certain versions of the Print Shop (from 15 to 23.1) and PrintMaster (from 16 to 18.1). Newer versions of both application cannot open .env files.

With reference to X-Plane, a full-featured cross-platform flight simulator by Laminar Research, the .env extension denotes the X-Plane Scenery File (.env) file type and format. X-Plane uses .env files to define the surrounding scenery and ground objects. An .env file is a binary file that contains longitude/latitude-based vertex data, textures, terrain type, obstacle placements, etc. for a terrain section.

Apart from that, the .env extension is used to distinguish Adobe spelling dictionary files (.env) used for spell-checking purposes in Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, and other Adobe software. An .env file is a dictionary file in a proprietary format. It usually comes together with .lex and .clx files.

Lastly, the .env extension was used in association with the Now Contact (Now X) Envelope Template (.env) file type and format, referring to the discontinued Now Contact (later, Now X) contact management software product (Apple Mac OS X) by Now Software. An .env file would be a postal envelope template; a selection of such .env templates was bundled with the application.

Software to open or convert ENV files

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