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What is the .GRD file type?

As a short for 'Gradient,' the .grd extension is primarily used as a designation of the Adobe Photoshop Gradient (GRD) file format. A powerful and versatile bitmap image processing suite by Adobe Systems and a de facto industry standard for professional image artists, Adobe Photoshop (PS) uses the proprietary GRD format to save collections of color gradients as .grd files.

A .grd file is a small binary file that contains one or more gradient definitions for Adobe PS. A gradient is a template of smooth, gradual change of one color into one or more other colors that can be applied to a shape or region as area fill. Gradients are created and managed with the Gradient Fill tool.

Adobe PS comes with a selection of pre-made gradients and allows to create and use custom gradient sets (.grd), which can be saved separately and loaded if needed. On MS Windows-based machines, GRD files are located in the "Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop XX\Presets\Gradients\" directory by default. Additional gradient presets can be added simply by copying the respective .grd files into that folder.

Alternatively, the .grd extension—as a short for 'Grid'—also serves to denote the Golden Software Grid (GRD) file format and the related file type (.grd). GRD mainly relates to Golden Software Surfer, a prime map building, surface mapping and visualization tool by Golden Software. The .grd file type is applied to both ASCII and binary sub-formats of the Grid file format. Both versions are not directly human-readable.

A .grd file is thus either a text-based or binary file that contains grid data for Golden Software Surfer. GRD files are used to define and store terrain elevation maps (including Digital Elevation Models, DEM), map projections, etc. visualized with Golden Software tools.

Besides, the .grd extension is used to distinguish various gridded-data files. Gridded data are scalar numeric values arranged in a finite array along a given set of coordinates, and a typical .grd file is an ASCII text-based file that contains such data. Representing maps, grids, histograms, and other data types, GRD files are used with many GIS and map-visualization tools. Gridded-data files (.grd) are not meant for direct viewing/editing with a text editor.

Software to open or convert GRD files

You can open GRD files with the following programs:
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6 by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop by Adobe Systems, Inc.

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