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What is the .RV file type?

Standing for RealVideo, the .rv filename extension is primarily associated with the RealVideo Video File (.rv) file type and format. RealVideo is a set of proprietary video codecs by RealNetworks, a subset of the broader RealMedia multimedia codec framework.

An .rv file is a digital video file in one of the several RealVideo video compression formats, each designated with a different four-character code (FourCC). All RealVideo formats are well suited for streaming, especially if using the RealTime Streaming Protocol (RTSP). When hosted on multimedia hubs on the Internet, RealVideo (.rv) files are usually linked to through RealMedia shortcuts (.ram, .rmm).

All RealVideo (.rv) files can be directly opened and played with the latest version of RealPlayer (a proprietary multimedia player by RealNetworks) as well as several other players, including those built in mobile devices. Additionally, .rv video files can be converted into other video formats (e.g., using the open-source ffmpeg tool).

Alternatively, the .rv extension stands for the RV Text-Based GTO File (.rv) file type and format. RV is the name of a powerful proprietary suite of tools, by Tweak Software for professional video editing, animation, and image sequence manipulation on several platforms (Microsoft Windows/GNU Linux/Apple Mac OS X).

Here, an .rv file is a text file in the GTO format, an open-source computer graphics format developed by Tweak Films. An .rv file may contain arbitrary graphics-related data; such files are used to control animation, rendering, post-processing. GTO is the native format of the RV suite. Programmatic support for reading/writing GTO .rv files is provided by the GTO library (C++, Python).

Software to open or convert RV files

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