KML File Extension

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What is the .KML file type?

The .kml extension stands for 'Keyhole Markup Language' (KML) and is used to flag the KML file format and file type. KML is a versatile XML-based point definition language for three-dimensional (3D) geospatial applications such as Google Earth etc. KML is an international standard by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

A .kml file is a plaintext file with a series of tagged statements defining a point, or placemark in the KML syntax. Longitude, latitude and altitude are the three mandatory parameters, and a number of additional properties can be set for a given landmark. For a placemark so defined to be actually visualized, a KML file must be opened with a geospatial application that will render it.

Although a KML file can be opened/modified with any text editor, there are specialized KML editors for the same job. Also, a dedicated XML schema has been developed for KML, and a .kml file can be edited in any XML editor, too.

If a .kml file is distributed along with any resource files, everything is packaged into a single .kmz archive (ZIP).

Software to open or convert KML files

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