LIC File Extension

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What is the .LIC file type?

A short for 'License,' the .lic extension is predominantly used to denote the generic License File (LIC) file type. It has to do with standalone license files employed by commercial computer software as a copy protection measure and a means of distinguishing between registered and unregistered users.

A generic .lic file represents a purchased/granted license to a piece of software. Such LIC files normally reside in installation directories of those software titles they belong to. Sometimes, .lic files can be also found at the system drive's root (MS Windows).

LIC licenses use a variety of internal formats, from plaintext with serialized hexadecimal or other data to encrypted binaries. Presence of a valid .lic file in one of the required locations is considered proof of a legitimate license to use the software. If the .lic file is absent or invalid, the software will usually revert to the demo mode.

Many applications use LIC files as part of their registration mechanism, and .lic license keys have become the object of software piracy. Pirated .lic keys are usually banned by software developers in regular cadences.

Software to open or convert LIC files

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