LIT File Extension

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What is the .LIT file type?

The .lit extension is mainly associated with the proprietary Microsoft (MS) Reader Literature (LIT) format and file type. The LIT format was part of the MS Reader project, and .lit files were/are used to store and distribute e-books. MS discontinued official support for both MS Reader and LIT in 2011.

LIT is an extended version of the MS CHM (Compressed HTML Help File) format, in which all pages, images and other resources files are stored within a single compressed container file. Unlike CHM, LIT supports DRM (Digital Rights Management). LIT files are meant to be opened with MS Reader and are generally not supported by office suites or other e-book readers.

Being quite obscure, LIT has been replaced by more versatile and documented formats, so use of the LIT format should be avoided for all practical purposes. LIT files can be converted into other formats via several available third-party converters and e-library management tools.

Alternatively, the .lit extension can occasionally be linked up with plaintext script source-code files in the Literate Haskell programming language, much more commonly encountered as .lhs.

Also, the .lit extension can be used to signify plaintext source-code files in Lit, a high-level all-purpose scripting Python/Perl-like programming language still in development.

Software to open or convert LIT files

You can open LIT files with the following programs: 

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