MIFF File Extension

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What is the .MIFF file type?

The .miff extension is definitively associated with the platform-independent Magick Image File Format (MIFF), the native format of ImageMagick (IM). IM is a versatile all-in-one package of digital image manipulation tools with support of over 100 image formats. IM is a cross-platform open-source software (Apache 2.0 license).

A .miff file is a digital bitmap image in the MIFF format. MIFF files are natively used with IM as a lossless and space-efficient way of saving bitmap data. Unlike JPEG, .miff files use lossless compression. MIFF allows to save images of different color depth (up to 32-bit) and color spaces (RGB, CMYK, CMYKA). Inside one .miff file, multiple images can be stored.

MIFF is a two-section format, incorporating both a plaintext (ISO-8859-1) header and a binary image section. All image-specific information in the text-based header part of a .miff file can be viewed with a text (or hexadecimal) editor. The binary section can be RLE-, ZIP- or BZIP-compressed.

IM is generally used to view, convert, and save MIFF files. Besides IM, .miff images can be viewed with several multi-format image viewers.

Software to open or convert MIFF files

You can open MIFF files with the following programs:
ImageMagick -0 Q16
ImageMagick -0 Q16 by ImageMagick Studio LLC
ImageMagick -7 Q16 (2012-03-01)
ImageMagick -7 Q16 (2012-03-01) by ImageMagick Studio LLC
MEGA6 by Center for Evolutionary Medicine and Informatics
ImageMagick -5 Q16
ImageMagick -5 Q16 by ImageMagick Studio LLC

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