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What is the .ODM file type?

The .odm extension has its primary association with the OpenDocument Master Document (ODM) file type and format. The OpenDocument Format (ODF) is an internationally standardized (ISO/IEC 26300) set of open XML-based document file formats that cover common office tasks (word processing, spreadsheets, databases, templates, vector drawings, and so on).

Part of ODF, ODM is the format for saving master documents. A master document is a binder for several ODF word-processing documents (.odt) that holds references to them and binds them into a single, compound entity. Master documents (.odm) are mainly useful for large publishing projects like books where each section (an .odt document) can be edited individually without breaking up the master document.

Like all ODF documents, .odm files are compressed ZIP archives with documents' resources contained therein in the directory-tree form. ODF formats (ODM included) are supported by several office productivity suites, both open/free and commercial.

Alternatively, the .odm extension is also associated with the OverDrive Media (ODM) file type/format. OverDrive is the trade name of a DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology provided by OverDrive, Inc. ODM is mainly used in relation to DRM-protected audiobooks and other multimedia materials that, for instance, can be taken on lend from US public libraries.

To access any content provided as ODM, one must use OverDrive Media Console (OMC), available for MS Windows and Mac OS X. On MS Windows, an upgrade of certain security components (specifically provided by Microsoft) is generally required to successfully use OMC.

An .odm file is a pointer used by OMC to check the DRM status of a requested media file and proceed with actual download if the user has the right to use the media. ODM files do not contain any multimedia content themselves.

Software to open or convert ODM files

You can open ODM files with the following programs:
LibreOffice by The Document Foundation
OverDrive for Windows
OverDrive for Windows by OverDrive, Inc.
OverDrive Media Console
OverDrive Media Console by OverDrive, Inc.

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