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What is the .MDM file type?

The primary association of the .mdm filename extension goes with the HLM Multivariate Data Matrix (MDM) file type and format. HLM (Hierarchical Linear Modeling) is the name of an advanced proprietary data modeling tool developed by Scientific Software International (SSI). HLM is widely used in science and education to cover the data modeling needs in statistics, social sciences, business, and a range of other research fields.

All data manipulation in HLM is built upon using Multivariate Data Matrices (MDM). An .mdm file is such a matrix, containing an ordered array of multi-level data items of different types along with their variable descriptions. MDM matrix files normally come together with text-based MDM template files (.mdmt).

MDM matrix files can be generated within HLM, basing on datasets (.sav). It is also common to construct .mdm files, using Stata statistical data converted into the MDM format via the "hlm" Stata program (applies to HLM 6.x and Stata 11).

Referring to BrainVoyager QX, R.Goebel's commercial cross-platform software for modeling, research, and study of the human brain, the .mdm extension stands for the Multi-Study Design Matrix (.mdm) file type. Here, an .mdm file is simply a text-based list of volume time course (.vtc) and single-run design matrix (.sdm) files, allowing to combine multiple subjects and multiple test runs. Normally generated through the Multi-Study GLM dialog in BrainVoyager QX, MDM files can also be created or edited in any text editor.

In the scope of Agilent's IC-CAP Modeling System, a sophisticated array of hardware and software instrumentation for testing and modeling semiconductor devices, the .mdm extension is used to label the IC-CAP Data Manager (MDM) files. An .mdm file can contain all types of measured or modeled data, exported in a well-documented ASCII format. Data in an .mdm file can be imported into any DUT (Device Under Test) unit within the IC-CAP system.

Lastly, the .mdm extension also occasionally occurs in relation to the now-obscure proprietary Minolta DiMage Messenger (MDM) compound image format, the native format of the legacy Minolta DiMage Messenger digital image sharing and discussion software (Microsoft Windows). In this context, an .mdm file is a bitmap image with embedded comments, marks, or annotations. Currently, such compound bitmaps are supported by few image viewers/editors (e.g., Zoner Photo Studio).

Software to open or convert MDM files

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