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What is the .MLPKGINSTALL file type?

The cumbersome .mlpkginstall filename extension represents the MATLAB Hardware Support Package Installer (.mlpkginstall) file type, used by MATLAB, an established commercial numerical computing system from The MathWorks. Introduced in recent versions of MATLAB, the hardware support package system allows to use MATLAB with different hardware architectures, devices, and interfaces. MATLAB support packages are distributed as package installer (.mlpkginstall) files.

The .mlpkginstall file is a small text file that contains an XML document defining the MATLAB support package and providing a full text of its end-user license. For instance, the "arduino.mlpkginstall" file represents the Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware. The use of .mlpkginstall files requires locally installed MATLAB software with a valid license. When opened in MATLAB, the .mlpkginstall file causes the application to download the package's files from The MathWorks' servers and install them to the local copy of MATLAB. Each hardware support package has its minimum version requirement, e.g. R2015a, and will not install on earlier MATLAB versions.


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