MODD File Extension

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What is the .MODD file type?

The .modd filename extension is assigned to sidecar metadata files automatically created by Sony's AVCHD camcorders and/or Sony's proprietary multimedia management software as a way of keeping metadata information for each photo or video file.

The .modd file contains date and timestamp information for each video clip (.m2ts, .mts) recorded with a Sony AVCHD camcorder. When recordings are transferred to a PC using Sony's Picture Motion Browser (PMB), metadata files (.modd) are preserved and copied along.

Since version 3, Sony's PlayMemories Home (PMH) multimedia management tool creates .modd files for each photo or video indexed by it. Such files are needed for PMH's Video Analysis functions, and PMH offers no option to turn off their automatic creation. Except for losing some PMH functionality, all .modd files are safe to delete manually, however, they will all be re-created next time PMH is launched.

MODD files tend to clutter user directories, take up extra disk space, and adversely affect filesystem speed. To avoid auto-generation of sidecar metadata files in certain folders, one can exclude them from PMH's (PMB's) search path.

Software to open or convert MODD files

You can open MODD files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery by Microsoft Corporation
Movie Maker
Movie Maker by Microsoft Corporation

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