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What is the .NRW file type?

The .nrw filename extension has its primary association with the Nikon RAW Image Format (NRW) and the corresponding file type. A world-famous manufacturer of premium photographic instruments, Nikon has developed a series of proprietary image formats to be used with different Nikon cameras.

Thus, NRW is a format for storing raw, unprocessed image data as transmitted by a camera's CCD matrix. The NRW format is used with compact-class Nikon Coolpix digital still-image cameras to preserve maximum image quality attainable with a given camera.

An .nrw file is an image taken with a Nikon Coolpix camera. It is a large (tens of megabytes) binary file that must be processed, before it can be displayed and viewed. The NRW picture format is usually used for post-processing and image editing/retouching, with subsequent publishing into JPEG, PNG, or other formats.

Nikon provides its proprietary NRW Codec to work with .nrw images on Microsoft Windows. NRW images are also directly supported by several image viewers and editors.

Differently, the .nrw extension is also used in certain Nokia mobile phone devices (e.g., Nokia Asha 306) to label temporary images taken with a phone's camera. Newly shot images are saved in the Nokia RAW image format, to be processed in the background and re-saved later as JPEG. There can be leftover .nrw files that for various reasons remain unprocessed. Such .nrw image files can be automatically converted into .jpg simply by copying them into another location, using the phone's file manager.

With reference to earlier versions of the Nero CD/DVD authoring suite, the .nrw extension was used in association with the CD-ROM (WMA) Compilation (.nrw) file type/format. An .nrw file like this would contain a list of references to audio files in the WMA (Windows Media Audio) format selected to be burned onto an optical disk with the use of Nero.

Software to open or convert NRW files

You can open NRW files with the following programs:
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated
NeroExpress by Nero AG
Nero Express Help

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