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What is the .PDP file type?

The .pdp extension previously represented the legacy The Print Shop Brochure Project (.pdp) file type/format, with reference to early versions of The Print Shop, a paid home desktop publishing application by Broderbund. Here, a .pdp file is a brochure project designed and saved in a proprietary format with an old version of The Print Shop.

Developed and marketed by Encore, Inc., all current versions of The Print Shop are available in two major release lines, out of which only The Print Shop Version 23.x line provides backward compatibility with legacy versions. There are limited import capabilities for old project file formats like .pdp in those versions of The Print Shop. Current versions of The Print Shop use a different set of filename extensions and file formats for their project files.

The .pdp extension also nominally belongs to the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), denoting PDF files generated in particular by the Adobe Photoshop image manipulation application. Although Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe applications distinguish the .pdp file type, PDF files are universally assigned the .pdf extension. Any PDF file with the .pdp extension can be safely renamed as .pdf.

With reference to Business Plan Pro, a paid Microsoft Windows application by Palo Alto Software (PAS) for developing business plans, the .pdp extension denotes the Palo Alto Software Plan Component (.pdp) file type/format. PDP is a special proprietary format used by the Premier edition of the PAS software. A .pdp file is a business plan exported in the PDP format that can be directly imported as a component, using PAS Business Plan Pro Premier.

Relating to Pharos Designer, the .pdp extension stands for the Pharos Designer Project (.pdp) file type/format. Pharos Designer is a free Microsoft Windows / Apple Mac OS X application by Pharos Architectural Controls Ltd. to program complex lighting effects for the Pharos hardware controllers. PDP Pharos projects can be opened with Pharos Designer only and can be exported in the container-type Pharos Designer Exported (.pde) format.

With Pi Delta Logger, a software and hardware data logging solution by Pi Research for motorcycling and motorcycle sport applications, the .pdp extension has to do with the Pi Delta Logger Profile (.pdp) file type and format. Here, a .pdp file is a profile for a hardware logger unit installed on a vehicle. On the logger unit's memory card, PDP and other files are compiled into the single PiDB.pcf file that also contains all logged data. Such .pdp files are processed, using the Delta Logger Management Software.

Apart from that, the .pdp extension is also specifically assigned to electronic report files saved in the PDSERF/Plus (PDP) Electronic Reporting Format adopted by the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) for documents submitted to TEC. A full specification of the PDP format is available on the TEC's web site.

Software to open or convert PDP files

You can open PDP files with the following programs:
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6 by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop by Adobe Systems, Inc.
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3 by Adobe Systems Incorporated

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