PARTIAL File Extension

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What is the .PARTIAL file type?

The .partial extension is tied up with the Partial Download (.partial) file type used by Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft's proprietary web browser. Different versions of IE are integrated into all Microsoft Windows operating systems. More specifically, the .partial extension is used by all IE versions, starting with IE9 (Internet Explorer 9.x), available on MS Windows Vista and later Microsoft OS'es.

Pointing out to a file's current status, the .partial extension is automatically appended by the IE web browser to all files that are currently being downloaded, masking the original file type. Such .partial files are saved into the Downloads directory under the current user profile. Being temporary, the .partial extension is removed by IE, once the file is completely downloaded and verified against its checksums, to restore the original file type.

With certain antivirus software installed, IE was known to leave completely downloaded files with the .partial extension due to filesystem access issues, software bugs, etc. In that case, the temporary .partial extension should be removed manually, the file checked for integrity, and opened normally.

Software to open or convert PARTIAL files

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