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What is the .QIF file type?

The .qif filename extension is primarily associated with the Quicken Interchange Format (QIF). QIF is an open text-only file format initially introduced with Quicken and still widely used to exchange financial information like ledger records, bank account statements, etc. Quicken by Intuit, Inc. is a family of paid personal finance management applications for Microsoft Windows, MacOS X, and mobile OS'es. QIF is similar to the newer Open Financial Exchange (OFX) format.

A .qif file is an ASCII file with a list of financial records in the QIF format delimited with the "^" symbol. Most Quicken applications still provide full import/export support for QIF files, however, it has been deprecated for some account types due to record reconciliation difficulties inherent in the QIF format.

Besides Quicken, QIF files can be easily opened in a text editor and exported/imported by a range of other paid and free finance management applications. Many online banking, brokerage, and other financial services offer downloadable statements as QIF files.

Another occurrence of the .qif extension has to do with the QuickTime Image File (QIF) format. QuickTime by Apple, Inc. is a proprietary cross-platform (Mac OS/iOS and Microsoft Windows) multimedia codec framework and player software. QIF is a deprecated QuickTime container file format, part of the more general QuickTime File Format (QTFF) specification (Apple).

A .qif file is a still bitmap image stored in a QIF container. A QIF image file consists of so-called 'atom' sections that contain bitmap data ('idat'), image description ('idsc'), and optionally ICC color profiles ('iicc'). Besides .qif, QuickTime image files can also use the .qtif and .qti extensions. QIF files can be opened/viewed with Apple QuickTime.

Software to open or convert QIF files

You can open QIF files with the following programs:
Quicken by Intuit
Quicken by Quicken
Microsoft Money
Microsoft Money by Microsoft
YNAB by YouNeedABudget.com

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