REP File Extension

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What is the .REP file type?

The .rep file extension is commonly assigned to Act! report files. Act! is a CRM software application designed to help business owners organize and manage their customer information. Act! REP files contain data exported from the program in the plaintext ASCII format. For example, you may create a list of contact information of your customers for a mailout or a sales report over a particular time period.

In addition, a file with the .rep extension is known as a report file created by SAP BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence tool. Similar to above-mentioned Act! REP files, they contain selected information exported from corporate databases. It is possible to create and use macros in Desktop Intelligence REP documents.

The REP file extension also refers to game replay files used by various gaming applications including Grand Theft Auto and StarCraft. These REP files contain a sequence of game events that the player saved during the game session. Replay files allow players to watch and analyze their favorite game moments and share the gaming experience with each other.

Software to open or convert REP files

You can open REP files with the following programs:
PowerArchiver by ConeXware, Inc.
Ashampoo ZIP Pro
Ashampoo ZIP Pro by Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

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