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Actively developed and marketed by ConeXware Inc., ConeXware PowerArchiver is a Swiss-Army tool for working with just any kind of data archives on the Microsoft Windows platform. It is a commercial software product distributed as trialware (30 days) in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions that must be purchased for any continued use. Addressing the potential needs of both personal, business, of official use, PowerArchiver is made available in several different versions such as PowerArchiver Standard, PowerArchiver Professional, and others.

Positioned as a one-stop-shopping tool for all personal or work-related archive processing tasks at hand, ConeXware PowerArchiver shows off a clean user's interface that has been translated in close to 20 languages, supports queued and batch processing, provides rich configuration options, and offers extra features such as CD/DVD burning and even a built-in FTP client.

In addition to read-write support of over sixty different archive formats including disk images, PowerArchiver enables its users to take advantage of its new Advanced Codec Pack (PA) format introduced in PowerArchiver 2017 and designed to combine the strengths of several codecs and filters optimized to achieve best file sizes and performance when dealing with different file formats like music or images. Besides compression, the new PA format supports 256-bit AES encryption. The most recent version of PowerArchiver is compatible with all versions of Windows since Windows XP and integrates well into the system thanks to its advanced shell extensions.

Download PowerArchiver

Publisher: ConeXware, Inc.

Site: http://www.powerarchiver.com

File formats: 001.001, 7Z.7Z, ARJ.ARJ, BZ2.BZ2, CAB.CAB, CPIO.CPIO, DEB.DEB, DMG.DMG, FAT.FAT, GZ.GZ, HFS.HFS, LHA.LHA, LZH.LZH, LZMA.LZMA, NTFS.NTFS, RAR.RAR, SWM.SWM, TAR.TAR, TAZ.TAZ, TBZ.TBZ, TBZ2.TBZ2, TGZ.TGZ, VHD.VHD, WIM.WIM, XAR.XAR, XZ.XZ, Z.Z, ZIP.ZIP, PSF.PSF, CB7.CB7, CBR.CBR, CBZ.CBZ, JAR.JAR, ISO.ISO, BIN.BIN, NRG.NRG, ACE.ACE, BZ.BZ, R00.R00, R01.R01, R02.R02, R03.R03, R04.R04, R05.R05, R06.R06, R07.R07, R08.R08, R09.R09, R10.R10, R11.R11, R12.R12, R13.R13, R14.R14, R15.R15, R16.R16, R17.R17, R18.R18, R19.R19, R20.R20, R21.R21, R22.R22, R23.R23, R24.R24, R25.R25, R26.R26, R27.R27, R28.R28, R29.R29, UU.UU, UUE.UUE, XXE.XXE, RPM.RPM, NCO.NCO, IMG.IMG, ASC.ASC, PGP.PGP, ENC.ENC, WSZ.WSZ, ZIPX.ZIPX, SGN.SGN, R30.R30, R31.R31, R32.R32, R33.R33, R34.R34, R35.R35, R36.R36, R37.R37, R38.R38, R39.R39, R40.R40, R41.R41, R42.R42, R43.R43, R44.R44, R45.R45, R46.R46, R47.R47, R48.R48, R49.R49, R50.R50, R51.R51, R52.R52, R53.R53, R54.R54, R55.R55, R56.R56, R57.R57, R58.R58, R59.R59, R60.R60, R61.R61, R62.R62, R63.R63, R64.R64, R65.R65, R66.R66, R67.R67, R68.R68, R69.R69, R70.R70, R71.R71, R72.R72, R73.R73, R74.R74, R75.R75, R76.R76, R77.R77, R78.R78, R79.R79, R80.R80, R81.R81, R82.R82, R83.R83, R84.R84, R85.R85, R86.R86, R87.R87, R88.R88, R89.R89, R90.R90, R91.R91, R92.R92, R93.R93, R94.R94, R95.R95, R96.R96, R97.R97, R98.R98, R99.R99, ARC.ARC, B64.B64, MIM.MIM, ZPAQ.ZPAQ, BH.BH, PK3.PK3, WAR.WAR, ZOO.ZOO, XPI.XPI, REP.REP, Z01.Z01, 002.002, 003.003, 004.004, 005.005, 006.006, 007.007, 008.008, 009.009, 01.01, 010.010, 011.011, 012.012, 013.013, 014.014, 015.015, 016.016, 017.017, 018.018, 019.019, 020.020, 021.021, 022.022, 023.023, 024.024, 025.025, 026.026, 027.027, 028.028, 029.029, 030.030, 031.031, 032.032, 033.033, 034.034, 035.035, 036.036, 037.037, 038.038, 039.039, 040.040, 041.041, 042.042, 043.043, 044.044, 045.045, 046.046, 047.047, 048.048, 049.049, 050.050, 051.051, 052.052, 053.053, 054.054, 055.055, 056.056, 057.057, 058.058, 059.059, 060.060, 061.061, 062.062, 063.063, 064.064, 065.065, 066.066, 067.067, 068.068, 069.069, 070.070, 071.071, 072.072, 073.073, 074.074, 075.075, 076.076, 077.077, 078.078, 079.079, 080.080, 081.081, 082.082, 083.083, 084.084, 085.085, 086.086, 087.087, 088.088, 089.089, 090.090, 091.091, 092.092, 093.093, 094.094, 095.095, 096.096, 097.097, 098.098, 099.099, EAR.EAR, MBR.MBR, NTX.NTX, PAE.PAE, QWK.QWK, Z02.Z02, Z03.Z03, Z04.Z04, Z05.Z05, Z06.Z06, Z07.Z07, Z08.Z08, Z09.Z09, Z10.Z10, Z11.Z11, Z12.Z12, Z13.Z13, Z14.Z14, Z15.Z15, Z16.Z16, Z17.Z17, Z18.Z18, Z19.Z19, Z20.Z20, Z21.Z21, Z22.Z22, Z23.Z23, Z24.Z24, Z25.Z25, Z26.Z26, Z27.Z27, Z28.Z28, Z29.Z29, Z30.Z30, Z31.Z31, Z32.Z32, Z33.Z33, Z34.Z34, Z35.Z35, Z36.Z36, Z37.Z37, Z38.Z38, Z39.Z39, Z40.Z40, Z41.Z41, Z42.Z42, Z43.Z43, Z44.Z44, Z45.Z45, Z46.Z46, Z47.Z47, Z48.Z48, Z49.Z49, Z50.Z50, Z51.Z51, Z52.Z52, Z53.Z53, Z54.Z54, Z55.Z55, Z56.Z56, Z57.Z57, Z58.Z58, Z59.Z59, Z60.Z60, Z61.Z61, Z62.Z62, Z63.Z63, Z64.Z64, Z65.Z65, Z66.Z66, Z67.Z67, Z68.Z68, Z69.Z69, Z70.Z70, Z71.Z71, Z72.Z72, Z73.Z73, Z74.Z74, Z75.Z75, Z76.Z76, Z77.Z77, Z78.Z78, Z79.Z79, Z80.Z80, Z81.Z81, Z82.Z82, Z83.Z83, Z84.Z84, Z85.Z85, Z86.Z86, Z87.Z87, Z88.Z88, Z89.Z89, Z90.Z90, Z91.Z91, Z92.Z92, Z93.Z93, Z94.Z94, Z95.Z95, Z96.Z96, Z97.Z97, Z98.Z98, Z99.Z99, ZX00.ZX00, ZX01.ZX01, ZX02.ZX02, ZX03.ZX03, ZX04.ZX04, ZX05.ZX05, ZX06.ZX06, ZX07.ZX07, ZX08.ZX08, ZX09.ZX09, ZX10.ZX10, ZX11.ZX11, ZX12.ZX12, ZX13.ZX13, ZX14.ZX14, ZX15.ZX15, ZX16.ZX16, ZX17.ZX17, ZX18.ZX18, ZX19.ZX19, ZX20.ZX20, ZX21.ZX21, ZX22.ZX22, ZX23.ZX23, ZX24.ZX24, ZX25.ZX25, ZX26.ZX26, ZX27.ZX27, ZX28.ZX28, ZX29.ZX29, ZX30.ZX30, ZX31.ZX31, ZX32.ZX32, ZX33.ZX33, ZX34.ZX34, ZX35.ZX35, ZX36.ZX36, ZX37.ZX37, ZX38.ZX38, ZX39.ZX39, ZX40.ZX40, ZX41.ZX41, ZX42.ZX42, ZX43.ZX43, ZX44.ZX44, ZX45.ZX45, ZX46.ZX46, ZX47.ZX47, ZX48.ZX48, ZX49.ZX49, ZX50.ZX50, ZX51.ZX51, ZX52.ZX52, ZX53.ZX53, ZX54.ZX54, ZX55.ZX55, ZX56.ZX56, ZX57.ZX57, ZX58.ZX58, ZX59.ZX59, ZX60.ZX60, ZX61.ZX61, ZX62.ZX62, ZX63.ZX63, ZX64.ZX64, ZX65.ZX65, ZX66.ZX66, ZX67.ZX67, ZX68.ZX68, ZX69.ZX69, ZX70.ZX70, ZX71.ZX71, ZX72.ZX72, ZX73.ZX73, ZX74.ZX74, ZX75.ZX75, ZX76.ZX76, ZX77.ZX77, ZX78.ZX78, ZX79.ZX79, ZX80.ZX80, ZX81.ZX81, ZX82.ZX82, ZX83.ZX83, ZX84.ZX84, ZX85.ZX85, ZX86.ZX86, ZX87.ZX87, ZX88.ZX88, ZX89.ZX89, ZX90.ZX90, ZX91.ZX91, ZX92.ZX92, ZX93.ZX93, ZX94.ZX94, ZX95.ZX95, ZX96.ZX96, ZX97.ZX97, ZX98.ZX98, ZX99.ZX99, PBS.PBS, GPG.GPG, IPK.IPK, PAE2.PAE2, PSF2.PSF2, WAL.WAL, PA.PA