DMG File Extension

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What is the .DMG file type?

Files with the DMG extension represent mountable disk images for Mac OS X. Since this format allows data compression and encryption, .dmg files are commonly used for software download, installation and distribution on Apple devices. DMG images behave as actual physical disks: they can be mounted as a volume or burnt to a CD/DVD.

The .dmg format is the most popular file format within the Macintosh computer system. That's why software sites often offer their products in two formats: .exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac. DMG files replaced the .img file format used in old "classic" Mac operating systems.

DMG files can be opened, created or converted using the Apple Disk Utility located in the Utilities folder. When you access a disk image, its icon will appear on the desktop as if you have attached an external data storage device.

Since .dmg images are intended for use on Mac OS X only, this file format is not supported by Windows-based computers. However, you can download and use third party apps to open DMG files on a Windows PC.

Software to open or convert DMG files

You can open DMG files with the following programs:
7-Zip by Igor Pavlov
PowerISO by Power Software Ltd
PeaZip by Giorgio Tani

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