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What is the .SFS file type?

The .sfs filename extension primarily denotes the SquashFS Filesystem Image (.sfs) file type/format. SquashFS is the name of a read-only, compressed filesystem for GNU/Linux operating systems, invented by P.Lougher and R.Lougher. SquashFS is best known thanks to PuppyLinux, a GNU/Linux distribution that relies on this filesystem for its deployment and software packaging/distribution. Besides PuppyLinux, SquashFS is widely used on LiveCD media offered by many popular GNU/Linux variants.

The .sfs file is a SquashFS filesystem image. In a highly compressed form, it contains a directory tree that can be accessed in a regular fashion, once the .sfs file is mounted. Normally, the contents of SquashFS filesystem images are read-only, with the exception of various LiveCD setups, where SquashFS images (.sfs) are used in combination with other filesystems to allow read-write access. PuppyLinux and other distributions offer a range of tools to work with SquashFS containers (.sfs).

The .sfs extension is also related to the Kerbal Space Program (KSP) computer game by Squid, where it is used to denote saved games and configuration files. For each saved game, a "persistent.sfs" file is created in the "saves" directory in the KSP root. Using special KSP configuration syntax, this text-based .sfs file provides a complete description of the current game and its parameters. For modding/cheating purposes, any KSP saved game ("persistent.sfs") can be easily opened and modified in a text editor.

Referring to the discontinued Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software product Orion Studio by Synapse Audio Software, the .sfs extension is associated with the Orion Studio Song (.sfs) file type/format. In a proprietary format, the .sfs file contains an entire multichannel musical composition authored in Orion Studio. To be opened in Orion 8 and later, old .sfs files (Orion 4 through 6) must be re-saved in Orion 7.

Software to open or convert SFS files

You can open SFS files with the following programs:
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StarOffice by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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