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What is the .PFL file type?

The filename extension .pfl primarily denotes the PDFill Project File (.pfl) file type associated with PDFill PDF Editor, an advanced PDF editor for Microsoft Windows by PlotSoft LLC. PDFill PDF Editor allows to open, directly edit, and re-save modified PDF files. For editing purposes, each opened PDF file can be saved as a project to preserve the editing state of the PDF document. With reference to PDFill PDF Editor, a .pfl file is a PDF editing project. It serves as a master document to introduce changes, modify content, add new features, etc. to a preexisting PDF file that can be later exported as a new PDF document. Internally, .pfl files are saved using Microsoft's OLE2 Compound Document Storage format. Apart from the generic container format, the actual PFL file format is proprietary to PlotSoft LLC and cannot be read or written by other software. Since the .pfl file type is automatically pre-associated with PDFill PDF Editor during its installation, any PDFill project (.pfl) can be opened for editing with a double-click. By default, PDFill PDF Editor projects are saved in the 'My PDFill' folder under the current user's Documents.

Alternatively, the .pfl extension represents the Quicken WillMaker Plus Portfolio (.pfl) file type introduced by Quicken WillMaker Plus, a commercial software product for lawyers by Nolo. Here, the .pfl file represents a personal user portfolio associated with a particular person. It keeps track of all of the person's documents and contacts when working in Quicken WillMaker Plus. Every .pfl file can be optionally given password protection and encrypted using the strong AES 256 cipher. An identical copy of each Quicken WillMaker Plus portfolio (.pfl) is put automatically into the Nolo Documents Backup folder every time the document is saved by the user.

Apart from that, the .pfl extension was also chosen by the Russian software company 1C to denote parameter files in their computer-aided bookkeeping and enterprise management solutions. In 1C software, a .pfl file (e.g., 1Cv8.pfl) stores runtime parameters for a particular environment level.

Software to open or convert PFL files

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