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What is the .CRT file type?

The .crt filename extension primarily belongs to the X.509 Digital Security Certificate (.crt) file type. A digital security certificate is a unique sequence of bytes used for authentication, connection and file protection and encryption, and identity verification, following the X.509 v3 Certificate Standard (RFC 5280 by IETF). Certificate files use the following extensions: .crt, .cer, .der, .pem.

The .crt extension is the standard extension for certificate files, commonly used on Unix-style OS'es, such as GNU/Linux. Microsoft Windows follows a different convention and uses the .cer extension for certificate files instead. Both .crt and .cer certificates can use the binary DER or the ASCII Armor (PEM, Base64) encoding.

CRT certificates are used by web browsers, OS-level security providers, e-mail clients, etc. and can be read, viewed, and converted with a number of paid and free tools. On Microsoft Windows, a .crt certificate can be converted into a .cer file, using the native Windows certificate viewer tool ("Copy to file...").

Alternatively, the .crt extension also stands for the C64 Cartridge ROM Image (.crt) file format and type. C64 refers to Commodore 64, a cult 8-bit micro-computer of the 1980's by Commodore International. C64 provided an expansion slot for ROM-based cartridges that were mainly used for games. Having almost disappeared in hardware, C64 is still actively emulated on several platforms.

A .crt file is an image of a C64 game cartridge's ROM in a binary format developed specifically for the CCS64 emulator to support different types of cartridges, memory ranges, and memory bank switching techniques. The CRT format is supported by all C64 emulators, and various CRT cartridge images are readily available in C64 communities on the Internet.

Software to open or convert CRT files

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