GP3 File Extension

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What is the .GP3 file type?

The .gp3 extension associates with the Guitar Pro 3 Score/Tablature (GP3) file type/format used with Guitar Pro 3 by Arobas Software. Guitar Pro is a commercial software for guitar players that allows to transcribe guitar music into score notation and tablatures, construct and adjust chords, apply effects, and listen to how it all sounds in the process, thanks to high-quality live guitar samples.

There are several successive versions of Guitar Pro, each using its own binary format to save score/tablature files. Thus, Guitar Pro uses the .gp3 extension to denote version 3, and a .gp3 file is a guitar music score, or tablature, created and saved in Guitar Pro 3. GP3 files have the "FICHIER GUITAR PRO v3.00" signature in the file header. Later Guitar Pro versions use greater numerical indexes to point out to their format version (i.e., .gp4, .gp5).

GP3 and later Guitar Pro formats (GP4, GP5) are a popular way to exchange written guitar music, and .gp3 (.gp4, .gp5) tablature files circulate widely on the Web. Besides Guitar Pro 3 and later versions that support the GP3 format natively, .gp3 files can be opened and saved in several other similar applications.

Software to open or convert GP3 files

You can open GP3 files with the following programs:
Guitar Pro
Guitar Pro by Arobas Music
TuxGuitar by Herac
TuxGuitar by TuxGuitar

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