HTML File Extension

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What is the .HTML file type?

The .html extension represents the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) file format. An .html file is a web page source code that web browsers use to display the page the way it was designed. This is done via HTML tags that are not displayed by browsers but are rather a set of instructions on how to interpret different page sections.

User text structured with HTML tags inside an .html file is called 'hypertext' and is the main information exchange media on the World Wide Web.

The HTML format is a cross-platform and standardized format, and HTML files are all plaintext. They are human-readable by design and understood by all web browsers as well as supported by text processors, web design software, e-mail clients, media players etc.

The .html extension serves the same purpose as .htm, with only practical differences lying in naming conventions adopted on different web servers.

Following the W3C 'good-practice' principle, HTML files (structure) are commonly used together with CSS stylesheets (presentation).

Software to open or convert HTML files

You can open HTML files with the following programs: 

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