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What is the .KAR file type?

The .kar extension has its primary association with the Karaoke MIDI File (KAR) file format and type. A proprietary format developed by Tune 1000 Corp. to store MIDI music sequences together with lyrics, KAR is currently abandoned and considered public domain. The purpose of KAR files is to provide a musical accompaniment with lyrics for a person to sing along, reading the lyrics.

Being in fact a MIDI sequence, a .kar file contains instructions for a sound synthesizer to reproduce the sound of musical instruments, making up a musical piece. Besides MIDI data, a KAR file stores an additional track with the song's lyrics in plain text, cued for display in accordance with the music tempo. KAR files do not store any waveform or video data.

Just like .mid files, .kar files can sound differently, depending on the actual synthesizer software used to play them. Using high-quality sound banks generally greatly improves the sound. Most .kar files are recognized and can be directly played with general-purpose media players, although some players might not display lyrics properly.

Apart from that, CosmicBreak, a free online multiplayer first-person shooter (MMOFPS) in the anime style, uses the .kar extension to denote the CosmicBreak Resource Archive (.kar) file format/type. In .kar files, all game resources such as sounds, music, textures, and other images are stored. KAR resource packages are stored locally on the player's computer. There are Java-based utilities to manipulate the contents of .kar archives.

Software to open or convert KAR files

You can open KAR files with the following programs:
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
AIMP3 by AIMP DevTeam
KaraFun Player
KaraFun Player by Recisio

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