RAM File Extension

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What is the .RAM file type?

The .ram filename extension is universally associated with the RealMedia Metafile (RealAudio Metadata, RAM) file type. RealMedia (RM) is a set of proprietary streamable multimedia container formats for both audio and video developed by RealNetworks and natively supported by RealPlayer, a cross-platform media player (incl. browser plugin) by the same company. RealMedia content can be embedded into web pages via RealMedia metafiles (.ram).

A RealMedia metafile (.ram) is a small plaintext file, holding URL references to one or several actual RealMedia files (.rm) and optionally providing limited metadata for each file. On a website, a hypelink to the RAM file is provided for the user. A click on such a link would cause invocation of RealPlayer or other compatible media player on the client side, attempting to play any RealMedia files referenced in the .ram metafile.

When hosting RealMedia content, a web server must be configured to serve .ram files with a proper MIME type ("audio/x-pn-realaudio"). RAM metafiles are easily created and edited with a text editor and can be used for any RealMedia content (audio, video, animation).

Software to open or convert RAM files

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