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.PWI file formatPWI: File Extension PWI - Open PWI files - PWI file type info
The .pwi filename extension denotes the Microsoft Pocket Word Ink (.pwi) file type and format. PWI is a proprietary f...

.PWT file formatPWT: File Extension PWT - Open PWT files - PWT file type info
The .pwt extension is primarily associated with the 'AutoCAD Publish-to-Web Template' file type introduced and used b...

.PXC file formatPXC: File Extension PXC - Open PXC files - PXC file type info
Primarily, the .pxc filename extension belongs to the Photodex Cache File (PXC) file type/format. Photodex is the dev...

.PY file formatPY: File Extension PY - Open PY files - PY file type info
Files that contain the .py file extension are Python source files used for development of web based applications. Pyt...

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