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Known to many PC users since 1990's, WinZip is the name of an archive management utility that has been popular for decades and evolved from a single-purpose tool to an integrated file processing center. Initially created and developed by WinZip Computing, WinZip is now a commercial software product of Corel Corporation released as a Microsoft Windows application that is compatible with all Windows versions since Windows Vista.

WinZip is a power archiver that comes with a lot of additional convenience features, besides the core data compression and extraction functionality. These include advanced file management, integrated support for all major cloud services and social-media sharing options, strong encryption for data protection, and even PDF conversion and watermarking. WinZip's GUI is highly customizable and follows the fancy ribbon style that has become a de facto standard for modern Windows applications. Its settings dialog includes multiple user-selectable options that control WinZip's behavior, and in particular its shell integration.

The read support of archive formats offered by WinZip is broad enough to include most of the commonly occurring archive types, while new archives created in WinZip can only use ZIP or ZIPX formats. Similar to what several other popular archivers do, WinZip promotes its own archive format (.zipx) that combines advantages of several data compression techniques optimized for graphics and multimedia compression as well as natively accommodating encryption. A 21-day trial version of WinZip is available for downloading from WinZip's official website.

Download WinZip

Publisher: WinZip Computing, S.L.

Site: http://www.winzip.com/wzgate.cgi?lang=en&url=www.winzip.com

File formats: 001.001, 7Z.7Z, ARJ.ARJ, BZ2.BZ2, CAB.CAB, DMG.DMG, GZ.GZ, GZIP.GZIP, LHA.LHA, LZH.LZH, RAR.RAR, TAR.TAR, TAZ.TAZ, TBZ.TBZ, TBZ2.TBZ2, TGZ.TGZ, TXZ.TXZ, VHD.VHD, XZ.XZ, Z.Z, ZIP.ZIP, PDF.PDF, CBR.CBR, CBZ.CBZ, KMZ.KMZ, JAR.JAR, DAT.DAT, SRT.SRT, EML.EML, TRX.TRX, TORRENT.TORRENT, ISO.ISO, APE.APE, BIN.BIN, CUE.CUE, RA.RA, NRG.NRG, ACE.ACE, BZ.BZ, R00.R00, R01.R01, R02.R02, R03.R03, R04.R04, R05.R05, R06.R06, R07.R07, R08.R08, R09.R09, R10.R10, R11.R11, R12.R12, R13.R13, R14.R14, R15.R15, R16.R16, R17.R17, R18.R18, R19.R19, R20.R20, R21.R21, R22.R22, R23.R23, R24.R24, R25.R25, R26.R26, R27.R27, R28.R28, R29.R29, UU.UU, UUE.UUE, XXE.XXE, RPM.RPM, GPX.GPX, CRDOWNLOAD.CRDOWNLOAD, VMDK.VMDK, IMG.IMG, NDS.NDS, PART.PART, ENC.ENC, NZB.NZB, JSON.JSON, ZIPX.ZIPX, FB2.FB2, BUP.BUP, PAGES.PAGES, SFV.SFV, 0-RARBG.0-RARBG, HA.HA, R30.R30, R31.R31, R32.R32, R33.R33, R34.R34, R35.R35, R36.R36, R37.R37, R38.R38, R39.R39, R40.R40, R41.R41, R42.R42, R43.R43, R44.R44, R45.R45, R46.R46, R47.R47, R48.R48, R49.R49, R50.R50, R51.R51, R52.R52, R53.R53, R54.R54, R55.R55, R56.R56, R57.R57, R58.R58, R59.R59, R60.R60, R61.R61, R62.R62, R63.R63, R64.R64, R65.R65, R66.R66, R67.R67, R68.R68, R69.R69, R70.R70, R71.R71, R72.R72, R73.R73, R74.R74, R75.R75, R76.R76, R77.R77, R78.R78, R79.R79, R80.R80, R81.R81, R82.R82, R83.R83, R84.R84, R85.R85, R86.R86, R87.R87, R88.R88, R89.R89, R90.R90, R91.R91, R92.R92, R93.R93, R94.R94, R95.R95, R96.R96, R97.R97, R98.R98, R99.R99, ARC.ARC, B64.B64, BHX.BHX, HQX.HQX, MIM.MIM, TZ.TZ, WZMUL.WZMUL, WJF.WJF, PHP.PHP, WZCLOUD.WZCLOUD, WZCONFIG.WZCONFIG, WZTHEME.WZTHEME, PTB.PTB, APK.APK, BH.BH, PAK.PAK, PK3.PK3, WAR.WAR, ZOO.ZOO, IMX.IMX, OBB.OBB, GRF.GRF, PAR2.PAR2, XPI.XPI, CLASS.CLASS, Z01.Z01, DFF.DFF, BSA.BSA, 002.002, 003.003, 004.004, DIZ.DIZ, 005.005, 006.006, 008.008, Z02.Z02, Z03.Z03, Z04.Z04, BASECONFIG.BASECONFIG, ZAB.ZAB, B1.B1, UZIP.UZIP, WPF.WPF, TEF.TEF, LIT.LIT, LDF.LDF, ZIPD.ZIPD, 12.12, SHS.SHS, 861.861, Z00.Z00, DAP.DAP, CRYPT.CRYPT, DBK.DBK, ZTV.ZTV, CTZ.CTZ, SREP.SREP, BZIP.BZIP, XEX.XEX, JPA.JPA, ID.ID, TIB.TIB, QIC.QIC, CFS.CFS, ENC4.ENC4, GZQUAR.GZQUAR, HTMLZ.HTMLZ, ZCC.ZCC, ECMUL.ECMUL, ZAO.ZAO, ZDT.ZDT, MTZIP.MTZIP, RZM.RZM, RZML7D.RZML7D, RZMLSD.RZMLSD, ZBM.ZBM, ZBN.ZBN, ZCCLSD.ZCCLSD, ZCDLSD.ZCDLSD, ZCM.ZCM, ZCWL7D.ZCWL7D, ZDW.ZDW, ZIPEPC.ZIPEPC, ZIPL3D.ZIPL3D, ZIPLSD.ZIPLSD, ZMB.ZMB, ZOP.ZOP, REMOVEZIP.REMOVEZIP, LA0.LA0, ZIPPED.ZIPPED, RARA.RARA