MP7 File Extension

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What is the .MP7 file type?

The main association of the .mp7 filename extension goes together with the Multisim 7 Project File (MP7) file format and the respective .mp7 file type. Multisim is the name of a major electronic circuit capture, design, and simulation tool by Electronics Workbench (a division of National Instruments, NI) for Microsoft Windows.

An .mp7 file is a Multisim project created with Multisim 7. Saved in a proprietary binary format, Multisim project files are conventionally assigned versioned extensions, like .mp7 (Multisim Project, Version 7). A Multisim project is a hierarchical entity that groups together primarily one or more circuit designs (.ms7 in Multisim 7), along with PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layouts, reports, and optionally any embedded document files (like .xls).

The .mp[x] file type (.mp7 for Multisim 7) is automatically registered in the system and associated with Multisim upon installation. For backward compatibility, newer Multisim versions generally support legacy project formats, and .mp7 projects can be opened with them, to be automatically converted into a more recent format.

Quite differently, the .mp7 extension also happens to be used in association with a number of non-standard multimedia container formats dubbed MP5, MP6, MP7, etc. Those have emerged as a marketing gimmick by Asian manufacturers of noname PMP (Portable Media Player) devices, often named "MP5 (MP6, MP7) Players."

As there are no standard MP5, MP6, MP7, etc. formats, all such PMP files, like .mp7, are just obfuscated and/or modified standard container formats, like MPEG-4 or AVI. Most commonly, it is an MPEG-4 container with the content encoded using the H.264/AVC codec. Such MP7 files (with or without changing the extension to .mpg, .mp4, or .avi) may be directly playable by major media players, depending on the actual container format and the codec choice.

Software to open or convert MP7 files

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