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.BTP file formatBTP: File Extension BTP - Open BTP files - BTP file type info
Short for BeerTools Pro (BTP), the .btp extension is primarily associated with the BeerTools Pro Recipe (.btp) file t...

.BUP file formatBUP: File Extension BUP - Open BUP files - BUP file type info
Files with the BUP extension represent backup files created automatically by a number of different computer applicati...

.BXZ file formatBXZ: File Extension BXZ - Open BXZ files - BXZ file type info
BX Language acquisition, a foreign-language vocabulary trainer developed by A.Baksarayev as a Microsoft Windows and A...

.BZ2 file formatBZ2: File Extension BZ2 - Open BZ2 files - BZ2 file type info
The .bz2 filename extension belongs to the bzip2 Compressed Archive File (.bz2) file type and format. bzip2 is a loss...

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