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.NWI file formatNWI: File Extension NWI - Open NWI files - NWI file type info
The .nwi filename extension primarily represents the Nord Wave Manager Instrument Sample (.nwi) file type. It is asso...

.NWS file formatNWS: File Extension NWS - Open NWS files - NWS file type info
The primary association of the .nws filename extension goes with the Windows Live Mail News Message (.nws) file type ...

.NXM file formatNXM: File Extension NXM - Open NXM files - NXM file type info
The .nxm filename extension belongs to the Nexus Mod Manager Mod Archive (.nxm) file type, with reference to Nexus Mo...

.NZB file formatNZB: File Extension NZB - Open NZB files - NZB file type info
The .nzb extension is bound up with the NewzBin Usenet Index File (NZB) file type/format. NZB is a plaintext XML-base...

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