R55 File Extension

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What is the .R55 file type?

One of a family of indexed filename extensions (.r00.r99), the extension .r55 denotes the volume of a multipart RAR/WinRAR compressed archive. RAR refers both to the data compression algorithm and its reference implementation (E.Roshal), while WinRAR is a Microsoft Windows GUI version of RAR. Like other archivers, RAR/WinRAR can create and process multipart (split) archives consisting of several volumes. The ".r00.r99" naming scheme is the older one; the newer ".partNNN.rar" pattern is the default in all recent versions of WinRAR.

The .r55 file is the fifty-seventh part of a multipart RAR archive created along the 'older' naming pattern. The first part always retains the extension .rar (or .exe, if self-extracting). Split RAR volumes (files such as .r55 or .part055.rar) are recognized and properly handled by a host of RAR-compatible archive managers.

If a split archive contains many relatively small files, it may be possible to partially extract data from a single split-volume file such as .r55. For successful extraction of all the data, all of the archive's parts are required.

Software to open or convert R55 files

You can open R55 files with the following programs:
WinZip by WinZip Computing, S.L.
PowerArchiver by ConeXware, Inc.
UltraZip by UltraZip
7-Zip by Igor Pavlov

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