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.TTS file formatTTS: File Extension TTS - Open TTS files - TTS file type info
The .tts filename extension most frequently stands for the MPEG-TS Video File (.tts) file type that can also be desig...

.TTX file formatTTX: File Extension TTX - Open TTX files - TTX file type info
The .ttx filename extension is mainly associated with the proprietary Trados Tag Document (TTX) file type and format...

.TVS file formatTVS: File Extension TVS - Open TVS files - TVS file type info
The primary association of the .tvs extension belongs to the TeamViewer Session (TVS) file type and format. TeamViewe...

.TXT file formatTXT: File Extension TXT - Open TXT files - TXT file type info
The .txt file extension denotes simple text files and the TXT file type, accordingly. A TXT file is a computer file t...

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