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Embird is an embroidery software in the Digitalizer category that was first released in 1997 by BALARAD, s.r.o.. The end users of Embird are both professionals in the field of textile manufacturing and amateurs as the program is compatible with over 20 home and industrial embroidery machine brands as well as 70 file formats. The program is running on Windows.

Basic Embird is the key program in the group and it features 2 modes: Manager and Editor. While Manager is used for reading and writing designs in various formats, Editor is used for resizing, adjusting the density, mirroring, centering, skewing, rotating, and sorting colors of the existing designs. In addition, designs can be split and joined, as well as partialy erased.

Apart from the basic features, Embird also offers numreous plug-ins. Font Engine, for example, is a plug-in that works with lettering, monogram, and clipart insertions, while Studio is used for digitalizing, lettering, auto-tracing, freehand, conversion of vector files into embroidery. Studio consists of two components: Sfumato Stitch that works with photos and Digitalizing Tools that does everything mentioned above, apart from photos. Cross Stitch is used for creating cross patterns. Iconizer turns icons of Windows Explorer or File Explorer and all programs that use standard dialog windows into embroidery thumbnails. Alphabets is a lettering plug-in that is mainly used for smaller fonts.

Various editions of the program extended their libraries and a number of supported interface languages.

Publisher: © 1997-2011 BALARAD, s.r.o.

Site: http://www.embird.com

File formats: PAT.PAT, PCD.PCD, PSF.PSF, DAT.DAT, TXT.TXT, SPX.SPX, E01.E01, DST.DST, DXF.DXF, MAX.MAX, STX.STX, EMD.EMD, VIP.VIP, EDR.EDR, PCM.PCM, SSP.SSP, ECF.ECF, SST.SST, Z01.Z01, ART.ART, ART42.ART42, ART50.ART50, ART60.ART60, DSB.DSB, Z02.Z02, Z03.Z03, Z04.Z04, Z05.Z05, Z06.Z06, Z07.Z07, Z08.Z08, Z09.Z09, Z10.Z10, Z11.Z11, Z12.Z12, Z13.Z13, Z14.Z14, Z15.Z15, Z16.Z16, Z17.Z17, Z18.Z18, Z19.Z19, Z20.Z20, Z21.Z21, Z22.Z22, Z23.Z23, Z24.Z24, Z25.Z25, Z26.Z26, Z27.Z27, Z28.Z28, Z29.Z29, Z30.Z30, Z31.Z31, Z32.Z32, Z33.Z33, Z34.Z34, Z35.Z35, Z36.Z36, PCS.PCS, KLC.KLC, SSD.SSD, PLT.PLT, PHC.PHC, F14.F14, U14.U14, PES.PES, EXP.EXP, VP3.VP3, EMB.EMB, Z00.Z00, F13.F13, U13.U13, TAP.TAP, E09.E09, F09.F09, U09.U09, E10.E10, F10.F10, U10.U10, BRO.BRO, E11.E11, F11.F11, U11.U11, E14.E14, NEW.NEW, E13.E13, PTN.PTN, F12.F12, U12.U12, XXX.XXX, CSD.CSD, 10O.10O, DSZ.DSZ, HQF.HQF, HUS.HUS, JEF.JEF, KSM.KSM, M3.M3, PEC.PEC, QLI.QLI, SEW.SEW, SHV.SHV, TBF.TBF, SH2.SH2, T09.T09, U24.U24, U25.U25, E31.E31, PC2.PC2, CMD.CMD, U02.U02, U03.U03, U04.U04, CQP.CQP, OFM.OFM, 9MM.9MM, E02.E02, E03.E03, E04.E04, E05.E05, E06.E06, E07.E07, E08.E08, E12.E12, E15.E15, E16.E16, E17.E17, E18.E18, E19.E19, E20.E20, E21.E21, E22.E22, E23.E23, E24.E24, E25.E25, E26.E26, E27.E27, E28.E28, E29.E29, E30.E30, E32.E32, E33.E33, E34.E34, E35.E35, E36.E36, EN2.EN2, EOF.EOF, EX2.EX2, EXY.EXY, F01.F01, F02.F02, F03.F03, F04.F04, F05.F05, F06.F06, F07.F07, F08.F08, F15.F15, F16.F16, F17.F17, F18.F18, F19.F19, F20.F20, F21.F21, F22.F22, F23.F23, F24.F24, F25.F25, F26.F26, F27.F27, F28.F28, F29.F29, F30.F30, F31.F31, F32.F32, F33.F33, F34.F34, F35.F35, F36.F36, FXY.FXY, GT.GT, INB.INB, JAN.JAN, JE2.JE2, M1.M1, M2.M2, M4.M4, MIT.MIT, PCQ.PCQ, PE2.PE2, PHB.PHB, PUM.PUM, T01.T01, T03.T03, T04.T04, T05.T05, U01.U01, U05.U05, U06.U06, U07.U07, U08.U08, U15.U15, U16.U16, U17.U17, U18.U18, U19.U19, U20.U20, U21.U21, U22.U22, U23.U23, U26.U26, U27.U27, U28.U28, U29.U29, U30.U30, U31.U31, U32.U32, U33.U33, U34.U34, U35.U35, U36.U36, UXY.UXY, VI2.VI2, ZXY.ZXY, IQP.IQP, MQR.MQR