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Embird Embroidery Software is a group of programs and plug-ins that are used for creating and digitalizing embroidery designs. Developed by BALARAD, s.r.o. in 1997, this group is among the leading programs for embroidery professionals and enthusiasts and is running on Windows. The program supports over 70 file formats and it is compatible with over 20 industrial and home embroidery machine brands.

Basic Embird is the main program in the bundle, and it's key features include displaying, resizing, splitting, editing, printing, and converting files with embroidery designs. The program supports over 50 embroidery thread catalogs, while also allowing users to create custom thread catalogs as well. The program features 2 modes: Manager and Editor. With the help of Manager, users can import designs using file browser and filter, while the Editor is used to manipulate and finalize images. Users can either load designs of their own or use the free templates provided.

Each subsequent edition of Embird features additional format as well as new interface languages. The 2009 edition is compatible with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP. This edition also features five plug-ins, which include tools for digitizing new designs (Digitizing Studio), converting text to stitches (Alphabet) and photos into stitches (Sfumato Stitch), creating lettering from OpenType and TrueType (Font Engine), and Iconizer that replaces the usual Windows icons with emboidery thumbnails.

Publisher: © 1997-2009 BALARAD, s.r.o.

Site: http://www.embird.com

File formats: BMP.BMP, PCD.PCD, PCX.PCX, PSF.PSF, TGA.TGA, TIF.TIF, TIFF.TIFF, PNG.PNG, GIF.GIF, DAT.DAT, EMF.EMF, WMF.WMF, JFIF.JFIF, JPE.JPE, JPEG.JPEG, JPG.JPG, SPX.SPX, E01.E01, DST.DST, PSD.PSD, MAX.MAX, STX.STX, EMD.EMD, CMX.CMX, VIP.VIP, EDR.EDR, PCM.PCM, SSP.SSP, ECF.ECF, SST.SST, Z01.Z01, ART.ART, ART42.ART42, ART50.ART50, DSB.DSB, Z02.Z02, Z03.Z03, Z04.Z04, Z05.Z05, Z06.Z06, Z07.Z07, Z08.Z08, Z09.Z09, Z10.Z10, Z11.Z11, Z12.Z12, Z13.Z13, Z14.Z14, Z15.Z15, Z16.Z16, Z17.Z17, Z18.Z18, Z19.Z19, Z20.Z20, Z21.Z21, Z22.Z22, Z23.Z23, Z24.Z24, Z25.Z25, Z26.Z26, Z27.Z27, Z28.Z28, Z29.Z29, Z30.Z30, Z31.Z31, Z32.Z32, Z33.Z33, Z34.Z34, Z35.Z35, Z36.Z36, PCS.PCS, KLC.KLC, JFI.JFI, PLT.PLT, PHC.PHC, F14.F14, U14.U14, PES.PES, EXP.EXP, VP3.VP3, EMB.EMB, Z00.Z00, F13.F13, U13.U13, TAP.TAP, E09.E09, F09.F09, U09.U09, E10.E10, F10.F10, U10.U10, BRO.BRO, E11.E11, F11.F11, U11.U11, E14.E14, NEW.NEW, E13.E13, PTN.PTN, F12.F12, U12.U12, XXX.XXX, CSD.CSD, 10O.10O, DSZ.DSZ, HUS.HUS, JEF.JEF, KSM.KSM, M3.M3, PEC.PEC, SEW.SEW, SHV.SHV, TBF.TBF, SH2.SH2, T09.T09, U24.U24, U25.U25, E31.E31, PC2.PC2, U02.U02, U03.U03, U04.U04, 9MM.9MM, E02.E02, E03.E03, E04.E04, E05.E05, E06.E06, E07.E07, E08.E08, E12.E12, E15.E15, E16.E16, E17.E17, E18.E18, E19.E19, E20.E20, E21.E21, E22.E22, E23.E23, E24.E24, E25.E25, E26.E26, E27.E27, E28.E28, E29.E29, E30.E30, E32.E32, E33.E33, E34.E34, E35.E35, E36.E36, EN2.EN2, EOF.EOF, EX2.EX2, EXY.EXY, F01.F01, F02.F02, F03.F03, F04.F04, F05.F05, F06.F06, F07.F07, F08.F08, F15.F15, F16.F16, F17.F17, F18.F18, F19.F19, F20.F20, F21.F21, F22.F22, F23.F23, F24.F24, F25.F25, F26.F26, F27.F27, F28.F28, F29.F29, F30.F30, F31.F31, F32.F32, F33.F33, F34.F34, F35.F35, F36.F36, FXY.FXY, GT.GT, JAN.JAN, JE2.JE2, M1.M1, M2.M2, M4.M4, MIT.MIT, PCQ.PCQ, PE2.PE2, PHB.PHB, PUM.PUM, T01.T01, T03.T03, T04.T04, T05.T05, U01.U01, U05.U05, U06.U06, U07.U07, U08.U08, U15.U15, U16.U16, U17.U17, U18.U18, U19.U19, U20.U20, U21.U21, U22.U22, U23.U23, U26.U26, U27.U27, U28.U28, U29.U29, U30.U30, U31.U31, U32.U32, U33.U33, U34.U34, U35.U35, U36.U36, UXY.UXY, VI2.VI2, ZXY.ZXY