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Embird is modular software in the Digitalizer category for embroidery that was developed by BALARAD, s.r.o. in 1997. Embird supports 20 home and industrial embroidery machine brands and over 70 formats, which makes its end users include both amateurs and professional manufacturers and designers. Embird is running on Windows and is capable both with 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.

The Embird program consists of several components, including the main one, which is called Basic Embird, its two modes: Manager and Editor, and numerous plug-ins. Manager is capable of converting designs, displaying designs (1:1 and other scales) and images with sorting options, processing ZIP and RAR archives, includes ready thread catalogs, as well as allows users to upload their own, organizes files in a separate File Commander window, allows to store files using Amazon and Azure cloud storage. Editor allows to work with designs and edit them, which includes inserting and editing colors, trimming, splitting, and erasing designs and their parts, emulating 3d sewing, inserting text in various pre-digitized fonts and layout, printing out templates and more.

The program's plug-ins include Font Engine that combines embroidery lettering tool and graphics in vector file format, Studio, unlike the Basic Embird that works with stitch files, uses vector objects for creating designs, and is used for lettering, auto-tracing, freehand, and conversion of vector files (using Digitalizing Tools )and photos (using Sfumato Stitch)into embroidery. Cross Stitch provides tools and stitch styles to create cross-stitch patterns and arranges the stitching order, while Iconizer displays content of embroidery files as icons or thumbnails. Alphabets is a plug-in that works with manually pre-digitized embroidery lettering fonts in re-sizeable formats and is expecially useful for working with smaller fonts.

Publisher: © 1997-2015 BALARAD, s.r.o.

Site: http://www.embird.net

File formats: BMP.BMP, PAT.PAT, PCD.PCD, PCX.PCX, PSF.PSF, TGA.TGA, TIF.TIF, TIFF.TIFF, PNG.PNG, GIF.GIF, SVG.SVG, DAT.DAT, TXT.TXT, EMF.EMF, WMF.WMF, JFIF.JFIF, JPE.JPE, JPEG.JPEG, JPG.JPG, SPX.SPX, E01.E01, DST.DST, DXF.DXF, PSD.PSD, MAX.MAX, STX.STX, EMD.EMD, CMX.CMX, VIP.VIP, EDR.EDR, PCM.PCM, SSP.SSP, ECF.ECF, JPX.JPX, SST.SST, Z01.Z01, ART.ART, ART42.ART42, ART50.ART50, ART60.ART60, ART70.ART70, DSB.DSB, Z02.Z02, Z03.Z03, Z04.Z04, Z05.Z05, Z06.Z06, Z07.Z07, Z08.Z08, Z09.Z09, Z10.Z10, Z11.Z11, Z12.Z12, Z13.Z13, Z14.Z14, Z15.Z15, Z16.Z16, Z17.Z17, Z18.Z18, Z19.Z19, Z20.Z20, Z21.Z21, Z22.Z22, Z23.Z23, Z24.Z24, Z25.Z25, Z26.Z26, Z27.Z27, Z28.Z28, Z29.Z29, Z30.Z30, Z31.Z31, Z32.Z32, Z33.Z33, Z34.Z34, Z35.Z35, Z36.Z36, PCS.PCS, ANS.ANS, KLC.KLC, JFI.JFI, SSD.SSD, PLT.PLT, PHC.PHC, F14.F14, U14.U14, PES.PES, EXP.EXP, VP3.VP3, EMB.EMB, Z00.Z00, F13.F13, U13.U13, TAP.TAP, E09.E09, F09.F09, U09.U09, E10.E10, F10.F10, U10.U10, BRO.BRO, SSS.SSS, E11.E11, F11.F11, U11.U11, E14.E14, NEW.NEW, E13.E13, PTN.PTN, F12.F12, U12.U12, XXX.XXX, CSD.CSD, 10O.10O, DSZ.DSZ, HQF.HQF, HUS.HUS, JEF.JEF, KSM.KSM, M3.M3, PEC.PEC, QLI.QLI, SEW.SEW, SHV.SHV, TBF.TBF, T09.T09, U24.U24, U25.U25, E31.E31, FCM.FCM, CMD.CMD, U02.U02, U03.U03, U04.U04, CQP.CQP, OFM.OFM, 9MM.9MM, E02.E02, E03.E03, E04.E04, E05.E05, E06.E06, E07.E07, E08.E08, E12.E12, E15.E15, E16.E16, E17.E17, E18.E18, E19.E19, E20.E20, E21.E21, E22.E22, E23.E23, E24.E24, E25.E25, E26.E26, E27.E27, E28.E28, E29.E29, E30.E30, E32.E32, E33.E33, E34.E34, E35.E35, E36.E36, EOF.EOF, EXY.EXY, F01.F01, F02.F02, F03.F03, F04.F04, F05.F05, F06.F06, F07.F07, F08.F08, F15.F15, F16.F16, F17.F17, F18.F18, F19.F19, F20.F20, F21.F21, F22.F22, F23.F23, F24.F24, F25.F25, F26.F26, F27.F27, F28.F28, F29.F29, F30.F30, F31.F31, F32.F32, F33.F33, F34.F34, F35.F35, F36.F36, FXY.FXY, GT.GT, INB.INB, JAN.JAN, M1.M1, M2.M2, M4.M4, MIT.MIT, PCQ.PCQ, PHB.PHB, PUM.PUM, T01.T01, T03.T03, T04.T04, T05.T05, U01.U01, U05.U05, U06.U06, U07.U07, U08.U08, U15.U15, U16.U16, U17.U17, U18.U18, U19.U19, U20.U20, U21.U21, U22.U22, U23.U23, U26.U26, U27.U27, U28.U28, U29.U29, U30.U30, U31.U31, U32.U32, U33.U33, U34.U34, U35.U35, U36.U36, UXY.UXY, ZXY.ZXY, EEF.EEF, 4QB.4QB, IQP.IQP, MQR.MQR, QCC.QCC